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2010. augusztus 02. - viktor.agoston


2010 április 26-án jégomlás sodorta el Várkonyi László magyar hegymászót. 



Klein Dávid és Várkonyi László, északról, a tibeti normál útról támadta a csúcsot.

Klein Dávid nyilatkozata, 2010. április 27. 16:28
Tegnap délben az Északi Nyeregből (7000 m) tartottunk lefelé az Előretolt Alaptáborba (6400 m), amikor félúton, viszonylag könnyű terepen jégomlás történt, ami annyit jelent, hogy a felettünk lévő jégfal leszakadt. Engem is és Konyit is elsodort a jég. Engem a jég ledobott egy jégfalra, át egy peremen, és a függőleges falon lógva álltam meg, a rögzített kötélen. Nem tudtam, Konyival mi történt, ő mögöttem volt. Reméltem, 
hogy őt elkerülte a lavina.

Engem később felülről, kötél segítségével kiemeltek, ekkor tudtam meg, hogy Konyi eltűnt. Tegnap és ma nagy erőkkel keresték, de nem került elő a teste. Szemtanúk szerint amíg engem sodort a lavina, Konyit 15-20 méterrel mögöttem elkapta, és direktbe rázuhant a jég.A magyar csapat mögött haladó amerikai expedíció videófelvétele a magyar hegymászót elsodró jégomlásról az alábbiakban látható.




 Jamie McGuiness szemtanúja volt Várkonyi László és Klein Dávid balesetének

Azalanarnette.com-on közölt levél a baleset szemtanújától:

Hi Alan,

I have just spoken to Jamie McGuinness who actually saw the accident from a distance of 100m, he was just below the two Hungarian climbers when at 12:20 pm 26th April 2010, Nepal time a small serac in the middle section of the North col route collapsed sending down ice debri across about a 30m front.

Those who know the route will remember the section as about half height on a slight rising left to right traverse section which is fairly easy going and one of the flattest sections of the route.

The debri was ICE, not rock, not slab avalanche. It was not extensive but with so many climbers on the route even a small block can be deadly.
Unfortunately two climbers where struck, the fixed ropes for 30m-50m pulled out and one was swept down slope into a crevasse which was then filled in with ice debri. The other climber was injured (torn backpack and harness!) and was evacuated to ABC but was in good enough condition to call family on the satellite phone – no other update on his condition. A third Hungarian team mate in the Asian Trekking party had already returned home via Kathmandu for reasons unknown.

The ONE missing climber is presumed dead but until now their is not final confirmation.

Increasing snow falls and disturbed weather and another smaller chunk of ice falling has deterred others from using the route until now except for the people already above who walk quickly down through this section. The Chinese/Tibetan mountaineering school tasked with fixing the ropes will assess the situation and make necessary repairs or re-route the ropes from later today.

None of our climbing team or Sherpas have been injured. ALL western members (Chessell Adventures and Adventure Dynamics) are either at ABC or BC. ALL our Sherpas are carrying loads to 7,900m as we speak and have been staying at the north col for the last couple of nights ferrying loads to the high camps in mixed conditions ahead of a snow event of unknown quantity expected to hit late on the 28th April. We are expecting our Sherpa team to descend on the 28th April to ABC and BC for a rest for 3-4 days whilst the weather settles some what and we can take stock of the North Col situation and any other issues that might arise with a possible 3 day snow storm in terms of potential avalanche conditions. We have plenty of time and will tread carefully on our way to the summit.

Duncan Chessell

From Rogbuk BC  5,200m

Expedition leader Chessell Adventures/ Arun Treks 2010 Everest














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